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Welcome to the RV Living section of my blog. Here you’ll hear about our journey in RV living, learn tips and tricks for RV living, maintenance issues, most liked products and more!

We bought our Heartland Road Warrior in mid-December, in Alberta (only place we could find one), after our house sold at the end of November. Buying an RV for full time living, in winter, is not for the faint of heart! Neither was it our choice but that’s when the house sold so there we were! After dragging it back to Prince George, on horrific roads, it took us a week to move in the essentials and get rid of a bunch more stuff out of the cargo trailer. We left northern BC for Vancouver Island on Dec 21st, 2019 and arrived Dec 23rd after driving through dense fog, white knuckle icy roads, salted roads and finally above zero temps. 

It took us a few months to catch up on sleep, move in, get cozy, learn the rig and when we were finally ready to start exploring, the world shut down! Lol. We still feel this was the best move for us and we don’t regret it at all.

Why did we go tiny?

Well, there were a few reasons but namely, we had realized that we were only using a tiny portion of our large house and rarely the yard. The house work, yard work, homeschooling, special diets, bills and life in general was too much for us. We were exhausted and always trying to play catch up. Something had to give. We wanted a simpler life and knew that getting rid of our debt was key to that. So we did. The day we got the pay out on the house was one of the best days. My husband went around and paid off all of our bills! The van, new truck, debt, cargo trailer, everything! Paid off. The stress release from that alone was worth it.

We were also tired of winter. My husband works in the sub-arctic and deals with snow and cold 10 months of the year already. Coming home from his shifts in camp were often met with an exhausted mama and usually a bunch of snow blowing to do. Or yard work. Or fixing another thing that had broken. It wasn’t life. We had lived on Vancouver Island before when I was in the Air Force, and we loved it there. Mild climate in winter, close to the mountains to ski if we wanted and yet little to no snow clearing during the winter, oceanfront views, beaches, wildlife, what was not to love? Nearly 12 months in and we still love it!

So tell me, are you interested in or live the RV life yourself? Do you think you could? Why or why not? Anything you want to know about this life? Drop me a comment and let me know 🙂

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  1. A beautiful home! An interesting… and daring choice, but an incredible opportunity! Live small, simple, connected. Thanks for sharing your journey.


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