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Currently located on the beautiful west coast of British Columbia and inspired by the nature around me. I have always loved creating. From sewing to drawing to woodwork, quilting and now carving, I love exploring new things and techniques.

Stamp carving brings me joy and I love that I can create anything custom, from business logos to anything that inspires me in nature.

The handmade travel bags were a necessity for myself and all the essential oils I travel with! I have been sewing since I was a little girl and being able to make useful items brings me great joy. I love being able to provide these items for others.

The handmade Hawaiian style shirts were born out of necessity as well. My husband has troubles finding quality shirts that are large enough, long enough and bright enough! It seems he isn’t the only one as he often gets asked where he found his amazing shirts. Thus, I decided to start filling the void in the market.

essential oils travel case

About Kelli

Daughter, sister, wife, mom to 3 and friend. I love Jesus, essential oils, coffee, sunrises, baking, minimalism, low-tox living and RV life.

I am currently located on Vancouver Island with my husband and 3 children, as we explore, homeschool and live life.

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Beauty. quality. some chaos.

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