Handmade wrapping paper!

Have you ever made your own wrapping paper? Yes, it can be just another thing on the to do list. And if you are already maxed out, then it’ll just add stress. It’s totally ok to do what you need to do, we are all at different places mentally, right now.

If you do have the capacity, it can be something to keep the kids engaged, give you a creative outlet and give that extra special detail to a loved one’s gift 😊

I drew up this whimsical snowman and he carved and printed up SO cute!

Then my kids got in on the action and helped to colour it in and they added their own flare with their marker spinning top. This is a piece for my husband’s present and I know he’ll love that extra attention to detail.

I also made a smaller piece of really fancy paper for my mother’s gift. I had wanted to try some embossed wrapping paper and she loves gold so it was perfect.

I will warn that it is fiddly! It would be hard for kids to do this as you can’t brush or touch the embossing powder before it’s heated or it gets knocked off very easily. But the effect is beautiful!

What kinds of things do you like on your wrapping paper? Simple or fancy? Whimsical or traditional? Multi-coloured or monochromatic?

Are there any stamps for wrapping paper that you’d like to see in the store? Let me know! I do custom orders as well! Wrapping paper isn’t just for the holidays! Any special occasion can benefit from the extra touch.

No matter the choice, I hope that if you do try this, you have fun doing it!


– Use what you have first! Many grocery stores are using paper bags. Cut them up and stamp on them! Butcher block paper? Use that. Do your kids have a roll of art paper? Old rolls of Christmas wrap that are a single colour or are white on the back? Use that!

– Measure out and cut off a piece of paper to fit the gift first. No sense in wasting any nor trying to work with too big of a piece of paper.

– Use a scrap piece of paper under the edge so you can stamp the pattern to the edges (and partially off!) without stamping your work surface!

– Glitter (and embossing powder) can get everywhere, make sure you do it over a scrap piece of paper so you can put excess powder back in its jar and not waste it.

-Center the pattern in the middle of the paper so when you place your gift, it will show nicely on the gift and not be wonky (ask me how I know!).

– Find a quiet spot or do it when the kids are in bed! Kick back with a drink of choice, put on some music and stamp away! And then let them colour it in the next day!

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